7 Months Pregnant – Fashionable Maternity by Isabella Oliver

Fashionable Maternity

Top: Isabella Oliver The Scoop Maternity Top / Jeans: Seven for All Mankind Maternity / Bracelets: Alex and Ani (buy individually here) / Jacket: Isabella Oliver Sophie Duffle Coat / Boots: Steve Madden Womens Brazos boots

Fashionable Maternity

Throughout my pregnancy when people asked me if I buy maternity clothes I was always quick to whip back “absolutely not!” Maybe it’s the fashion side of me that is convinced that “maternity” could never equate to “trendy” or maybe it’s all of the passé maternity outfits I witnessed in the ‘80’s that left my mind tainted for what “maternity wear “ looks like. In reality though, the only items I was absolutely forced to buy by months 4/5 were maternity denim (because let’s be serious- belly bands over an open pair of jeans just aren’t that comfortable). So with all of the free flowing silk blouses and over-sized sweater trends, I opted to simply purchase a size up and manage that with my growing pregnancy bod. It wasn’t until recently that one of my girlfriends, a mommy and ex-preggo, sat me down and told me I had to get over this whole “non maternity BS” and said I had to try the line Isabella Oliver, which she SWORE was the cutest line around. Although I attempted another stand-off-ish type answer, she raved on about how incredibly flattering the fits were, great quality, etc etc. So I finally gave up, got off my high horse and decided to give it a try. I started with baby steps (no pun intended)… a few simple tanks for layering (the Layering Ruched Maternity Tank) and one long sleeve top (the Scoop Maternity Top). Low and behold… everyone makes mistakes (thank god it is the holiday season so I can expect less judgment than usual for my ranting), but I am here today to admit that maternity does not have to equate to frumpy tops, slouch socks, and tie-dye, ahem Mom! Hell in this case, with the pieces I chose, it related to sexy! My husband actually preferred my new-form fitting maternity clothes because he said it made me look thin with a cute big belly (and perhaps the slight cleavage reveal didn’t hurt)!

Fashionable MaternityFashionable Maternity

On my next round of shopping I dove even deeper… my coats no longer fit around my belly, and voila, they have this adorable ‘maternity’ peacoat with toggle clasps – looks very J. Crew if you ask me, and expands right in the tummy (but not too much in the body). Let’s just say I am hooked and officially no longer embarrassed to admit I wear maternity… I may even go so far as to say I am happy to have two more months of fashionable maternity time! (Ok that statement might be a tad aggressive!) But if you are also a fashionista preggy, this line is worth checking out for Fashionable Maternity options!!

Fashionable MaternityFashionable MaternityFashionable Maternity

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