December, 2014

NYE Festive Fruit Skewers

December 31, 2014
Get out of work today at 4:30 today but still need to grab a few things for tonight’s celebration? Rather than heading to the prepared food aisle here is an easy but festive dessert alternative. I assembled these cute and colorful fruit skewers in no time by buying fresh pineapple and strawberries in the pre-chopped section. I then created stacks of my...

KitchenSurfing Dinner Party

December 29, 2014
Even though the Holidays have passed, most of us find we are constantly entertaining for guests and out-of-towners through the New Year. By now most of us are so sick of cooking and cleaning that we want to throw in the towel and just meet friends at a restaurant. So imagine the option of hosting at home with a stunning...
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