June, 2014

Beauty From The Inside & Out Event

June 30, 2014
On Tuesday, June 17th I partnered with Randi Zinn of Beyond Mom to co-host the “Beauty From The Inside and Out Event.” I was overjoyed to be working with Randi once again and expand upon the concept of embracing beauty {See a recap of our last event together here}. Being the busy women that we are, life can be chaotic. From work, to social engagements,...

Coconut Water & Strawberry Cocktail

June 29, 2014
After a girlfriend of mine raved about this fabulous coconut water cocktail she had on her recent trip to Miami, I got inspired to search the internet for a coconut water cocktail that sounded equally as yummy, hydrating, and (in my mind at least!) healthy. What I found: a Coconut Water & Muddled Strawberry Cocktail recipe that tastes as good as it...

Host an Elegant Black & White Dinner Party

June 27, 2014
When it comes to investing in dishware, I love recommending black and white because it is so versatile. When paired with certain centerpieces, it can be edgy and modern {see an example with silver mercury vases here}, but when paired with classic centerpieces {as seen here with a bouquet of elegant white roses}, it can take on a whole new feel of sophistication. For today’s table,...
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