December 12th, 2012

Travel-Friendly Exercises

December 12, 2012
Written by Guest Nutritionist Casey Simmons: While we all are so busy with parties, events, family visits, and travel during the holidays, it is difficult to stick to our normal exercise routines.  But don’t panic! If you can find the motivation to do 10-20 minutes of exercises [whether it’s in your home before guests arrive or in a corner of your...

Host a Hanukkah Dinner Party

Happy Hanukkah FH Readers!! Oh I love the holidays… it brings together family and friends, there are endless holiday cookies and treats to look forward to, and the twinkling lights and holiday music that fills the stores always gets a smile on my face. This holiday season, my husband and I decided to incorporate some Hanukkah Holiday cheer into our own home with...
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