Organize your Baby Clothes

Organize your Baby ClothesOrganize your Baby ClothesOrganize your Baby ClothesOrganize your Baby ClothesOrganize your Baby Clothes

From the time of your baby shower through the first few months of your baby’s life, most mommies are given tons and tons of baby clothes. A common phrase when receiving the gift is “well, your baby is going to grow so fast, so I got you something in a bigger size.” Ultimately your baby’s closet becomes a mish-mosh of clothes that range from 0 months to 12 months making getting dressed time a ‘search mission’ for an outfit in the appropriate size. I found that sifting through 100 onesies while the baby lay waiting on the changing table wasn’t exactly a good routine, so I decided to get organized. First step was to be resourceful and recycle some of the large gift boxes I received (the ones pictured are large boxes from Nordstrom). I took a sharpie and labeled the side of each box with the clothing sizes, then went through and folded all of the FHB’s clothes into each respective box. I also took an extra wicker basket I had laying around my house and labeled “Baby Gluck #2″ so I would have a place to put clothes as the baby grew out of them. One other thing I did that was helpful was write “summertime” on the 6 month box. That way when summer time rolls around, I will know where my hats, sandals, and bathing suits are. You can get really aggressive and start separate boxes for “fancy dresses” versus “casual clothes” or a separate “shoes” box, just depends on how much you have! Now as gifts continue to roll in (or if you go shopping), you can just add the pieces to their box! How perfect is that!

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