Cleaning Supplies Checklist

FH Entertaining Essential: Cleaning Supplies


When it comes to having a clean apartment, I am a bit of a nut job. The bed is always made, I vacuum and wipe down the counter tops multiple times daily, and I loving spending my weekends cleaning my sheets and bleaching my bathroom- NERD ALERT! But seriously, sticky counters, smelly bathrooms, and messy bedrooms are not exactly appropriate when you are inviting guests to your home. So if you want to be a fabulous hostess, it is time to get on the cleaning wagon!

I know that the cleaning aisle of a grocery store can be quite overwhelming; there are millions of cleansers and sprays available for purchase, and of course there is that little voice in your head thinking, “ugh I really just want to find a spray that cleans 10 surfaces at once so I can get out of here and not spend much money.” Well unfortunately there is no ‘one cleanser’ that is perfect for everything, but after much research I have decided that it only requires 5 items to have a perfectly clean home at an economical price.

Cleaning Supplies Checklist:

  1. Clorox Clean–Up Bleach: great for the bathroom toilet, sink, and tub, and great for the kitchen countertops and inside the fridge (I love that it disinfects while it cleans and whitens your bathtub).
  2. Windex Original (Streak Free Shine): good for windows, mirrors, glass tables, and bathroom medicine cabinets (and won’t leave residue or streaks behind).
  3. Pledge Floor Care Clean & Shine Multi-Surface Cleanser: works on wood, ceramic, or vinyl floors (aka- your entire home)
  4. Swiffer Dust & Shine: cleans, shines, and conditions wood, marble, leather, and granite; good for your couch, countertops, shelves, nightstands, and headboards. I bought it in ‘Lavendar Vanilla’ and it smells amazing!
  5. Swiffer Wet Jet: works as a duster and mop at once and works on all surfaces; great for bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

I always recommend cleaning prior to cooking; and when using the Clorox clean-up bleach, allow for an hour to air out before guests arrive.

** Note: if you have any special woods or pieces of furniture that are antique, consult with someone before applying certain cleaning sprays.

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