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FH Decor Idea: Liquor Cabinet

When I moved in with the FHF, he was proud to announce that he owned a liquor cabinet which he would be bringing to our new apartment. My initial reaction to this large incredibly bulky cabinet was that it would be a huge waste of space especially because I had minimal liquor and usually kept my wineglasses in the kitchen. But after unpacking all our kitchen boxes, I quickly realized that there was not nearly enough space in the kitchen cabinets for my extensive stemware collection (champagne flutes, wine glasses, martini glasses) not to mention my endless serving platters.  And even after buying a wine rack that created a home for wine, I still had a ton of liquor bottles that I did not want to have sitting on my counter top!  The perfect (and logical!) solution was housing both the liquor and the stemware in the liquor cabinet! So, in spite of my initial hesitation, the liquor cabinet turned out to be one of the most useful pieces of furniture in my apartment. And in knowing that most of my readers enjoy entertaining and drinking as much as I do, I can confidently say that this will turn out to be incredibly useful for everyone.

And… the icing on the cake with the liquor cabinet is that it can also double as a display area for some decorative art. I found a trio of pretty vases at West Elm, a cool circular mirror (similar to this one), and stacked some of my favorite coffee table books with my antique lantern on top to pull together my living room.

If you are tight on space in the kitchen, this is definitely a piece worth investing in. And if you don’t have a large selection of stemware, feel free to fill it with water glasses, fancy platters, candles, or even picture frames and books! I found a variety of liquor cabinet options at Pottery BarnWest Elm, and Great Home Bars, or you can buy the one we chose from Crate & Barrel.

FH Decor Idea: Liquor CabinetFH Decor Idea: Liquor CabinetFH Decor Idea: Liquor CabinetFH Decor Idea: Liquor CabinetFH Decor Idea: Liquor CabinetFH Decor Idea: Liquor Cabinet


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