DIY Flower & Pumpkin Centerpiece for Thanksgiving


I am so excited to be featured on today sharing a beautiful Thanksgiving Table! Check out the story that she so kindly named “You’ll Want a Seat at This Elegant Thanksgiving Table”. As a follow up to the post, I wanted to share the steps for how I created the lush centerpiece {which is especially perfect for those of you needing a last minute idea for your table!}.

The idea for this table started because I wanted to use flowers but didn’t want todo any ‘arranging’. Meanwhile pre-made arrangements from the grocery can look tacky, while professional ones from the florist can be very pricey. So I found the perfect middle ground. I went to a beautiful flower vendor {Spruce, which I will tell you more about below!} and bought an array of beautiful flowers – pink ranunculus, pink hypericum berry, pink veronica, pink spray roses, blue thistle, and white parrot tulips. Since the difficult part is arranging, I took that aspect out of the equation altogether. I simply placed each bunch of flowers in a different vase, some in taller vases, and the more delicate flowers in tinier vases.

I mixed and matched my vases, some mercury and some glass, but tried to have two of each height so both ends of the table looked symmetrical. Once I filled my vases, I started to placing them with the tallest in the middle, and the smallest at the end. While a bit mis-matched, the tiers of height make them appear organized and arranged. The finishing touch that really makes this a great Fall table is adding in an abundance of white pumpkins, squash, and gourds sprinkled around the perimeter of the arrangements. {*Tip: spray paint them white or gold so they all match!} I also placed a simple sprig of rosemary and a single small pumpkin to the left of each table setting. Be sure to set out the rosemary right before dinner so it doesn’t wilt and smells fresh!

Below I share a step by step photo sequence of how mine came together!


As for the flowers I chose… I worked with a company called Spruce that is a new floral company in Miami. Spruce allows people to sell, donate, or buy gently used event florals at a great price. I could buy wedding flowers at an affordable price, or I could sell flowers from my shoots, or better yet, donate my leftover flowers to a local charity. I love that I can promote this company at a time of year that giving is in the forefront! Check it out at

In case you missed it, I created another gorgeous garland and candle centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table which is made of faux garlands so it is also a great last minute idea, with the added perk of working into the Christmas season, so check it out!

Get the look:

Photography by Yesi of Simple Lively

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  1. I absolutely love the pink roses!

    November 23, 2016 • 1:54 pm •
  2. This is a beautiful table setting!

    November 23, 2016 • 3:13 pm •
  3. The tiny pumpkins are so cute!

    November 23, 2016 • 3:42 pm •
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    November 26, 2016 • 2:00 am •
  5. John the Plumber

    I can’t wait until 2017 Thanksgiving. Im already prepping and it’s only June summer time lol I love the holidays.

    May 31, 2017 • 3:29 pm •
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