1. Create a decadent Holiday Cheese Board

    Create a decadent Holiday Cheese Board by Fashionable Hostess1 Create a decadent Holiday Cheese Board by Fashionable Hostess2

    As seen in yesterday’s post, I am OBSESSED with whipping up over-the-top cheese boards for parties… it’s actually what many guests look most forward to when I throw a party! So today I wanted to break down what I am serving on my Holiday cheese board because seriously it is mouth-watering divine!! Looking to make something as over-flowing and delish for your next party? I shared my shopping list below… it may just spark a few new ideas to bring to your table!

    On my Holiday Cheese Board:


    • Gorgonzola Piccante {looks like blu cheese}
    • Smith’s Farmstead Gouda Naturally Smoked {yellowish top}
    • Borough Market Cheddar
    • Bonhomme de Normandie Double Cream French Brie {in the center}

    Olives & Antipasta:

    • Pitted Green Olives and Cerignola Green Olives {in small bowl}
    • Caper Berry {olive with stem}
    • Marinated Artichoke Hearts with Herbs
    • Marinated Red Pepper
    • Sliced Salami
    • Prosciutto {pre-sliced}
    • Cornichons {mini pickles}

    Fruits & Nuts:

    • Green Pear
    • Red Grapes
    • Dates {which I placed on the brie}
    • Cherry Tomatoes {yellow and red}


    • Focaccia
    • Crostini


    Create a decadent Holiday Cheese Board by Fashionable Hostess3 Create a decadent Holiday Cheese Board by Fashionable Hostess5 Create a decadent Holiday Cheese Board by Fashionable Hostess6

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