July, 2017

Dinner Party Spotlight: Mama and Tata

By far the dreamiest party I have seen this summer… meet the hosts and today’s Dinner Party Series Guests, sisters and creators of the blog Mama & Tata. “Mama” Candice Miller and “Tata” {French for auntie} Jenna Crespi are New York gurus and share their picks for NY’s best services from beauty, fitness, travel, mommy musts, to food {of course keeping the most...

Host the Prettiest Summer Picnic

July 20, 2017
Summer time calls for the prettiest Summer picnic, so today I created a beautiful and delicious spread that I can’t wait to share with you all. On the menu: pressed turkey and cheese paninis which I filled with fresh arugula before placing on a white luxe platter. Alongside the sandwiches, I served a watermelon, feta, and fresh mint salad, a cheese...

Enhance your Summer Beauty Regimen

July 18, 2017
The Summer sun had my skin begging for hydration, so this month I totally changed up my beauty regimen to a more oil-based routine with a fresh lineup of products. The end result… a dewey and extra glowy look, and an overall softness I can feel when I apply makeup! I am so in love with my new products that I...
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