1. Do’s & Don’ts of Beach Proofing Hair by Professional Hair Stylist, Danielle Golburgh

    At my latest highlights appointment, my fabulous hair stylist and color extraordinaire with over eight years of experience at some of NYC’s most extravagant and demanding salons, Danielle Golburgh of Gemini 14, dished on her “Do’s and Don’ts” to maintaining a gorgeous head of locks all summer long.

    Danielle’s Do’s & Don’ts:

    1. PROTECT!  The sun can harm and dry out EVEN uncolored hair. There are all these new spray-on color protectors for colored and natural hair. Danielle loves Kerastas Huile Celeste which is a leave-in conditioner, has a built in sunscreen, and can be used daily. Directions: shake well, spray the front, sides, and back (approx. 4 sprays) on wet or dry hair and style as usual. Best part – you won’t notice the product in your hair and the spray has gold flecks in it, making your hair extra shiny and sparkly. Not going in the sun? This product is still a great leave-in moisturizer.

    2. DON’T OVER-WASH! Maintain bold color by washing it as little as possible; try for every three days or every other day at the most! Keep your hair fresh in between washes with dry shampoo. Danielle loves KMS Makeover Spray, an aerosol spray that sucks up the oil and works as an “air freshener” for your head.  On a budget? Use baby powder from CVS.

    3. CUT BACK on excessive blow drying and ironing. Every time you apply heat to hair, it opens the cuticle of the strand allowing the color molecules to slip out, leading to fade-age or dull color.  So in the summer when you are already getting overexposure from the sun, give your hair a break and go for the overall beach wave look. Danielle loves Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for natural looking waves.

    4. LAST RESORT: If all else fails and your hair oxidizes or get brassy in the sun, see your stylist for a “gloss” which will refresh the color and make your hair super shiny (**Saver tip: glosses can be as much as half the cost of highlights!)

    Danielle’s Product Picks:

    High-end Recommendations: replace your usual shampoo with Kerastase Chroma Sensitive (**Saving tip: if you use this shampoo you can continue using your usual conditioner because conditioner doesn’t affect color).  Replace your styling spray with Kerastase Chroma Crystal, which is a light mist that protects color, makes the color look really bright, and gives it a refresher in between highlights.

    Low end recommendations: Trade your usual shampoo for L’Oreal’s Sulfate-free EVERPURE Shampoo available in Moisture, Smooth, and Volume formulas.

    Kerastase Chroma Collection

    Contact Gemini 14: 212-229-2100 to make an appt. Follow her on Twitter: @danielleG28. Follow her on Facebook: Danielle Golburgh

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